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Tent - Cardboard Art Kit

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Tent - Cardboard Art Kit. Little explorers can construct, decorate and play with this wonderfully designed cardboard art kit. Get back to nature with this cute campsite. Kit includes: Cardboard Tent Pieces (5) Cardboard Campfire Pieces (2) 3 Wooden Peg People Paint Pot Strip filled with fabulous colors Paint Brush Fabric Scraps Stamped Canvas Storage bag 6”x8”x6.5” A cleverly designed art and craft kit for kids. This thick sturdy cardboard transforms into a whimsical play place where the kids can express themselves and escape technology through creative play. Offering these opportunities is so beneficial to kids and super fun too!! Designed by a team of artists, moms, and art teachers to make an easy way to let kids create, imagine and play. "Finding the right project, gathering materials, and then coaxing them away from a screen can be a challenge. Everything you need is included. Just add the kid!" Perfect for gift-giving, homeschool artists, and rainy Saturdays. Why cardboard? Kids and parents alike are bombarded with an avalanche of plastic in our lives. We strive to create a product that is friendlier to our planet and safer for us. With minimal packaging and recyclable materials, we hope to do our part to make a better future for our kiddos. These art kits will come packaged with bags and materials you will want to reuse and when you are through having all the creative fun you can stand. Recycle. Please contact us with any questions you have about us and our art kits. Thanks for visiting our shop! Scribble Box